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Georgia-based Ty Ty Nursery offers a wide variety of plants to customers across the U.S. and the globe, including fruit trees, nut trees, flowering bulbs, and grape vines. Among the most popular plants offered by Ty Ty Nursery are apple trees, with a wide variety of apple cultivars to suit all tastes and climates. Thanks to its location in Ty Ty, Georgia, Ty Ty Nursery has become adept at finding varieties of apple trees that thrive in the warm conditions of the American Southeast and Southwest. The first of these is the Anna apple tree, which typically produces fruit in mid-June; it was originally bred in Israel, where climate conditions are similar to those of the American South. Another Israeli apple tree, the Ein Shemer, and an American cultivar, the Golden Dorsett, produce golden-yellow fruit, with the Ein Shemer's apples ripening in late June. For customers who live in warm climates and want fruit that ripens a little later in the year, the Red Fuji apple tree, which hits its peak in mid-October, is an excellent choice.

Ty Ty Nursery also offers a large selection of traditional apple trees, which thrive in the cooler climates of the Northeast, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest. These trees produce the apples commonly seen in the supermarket, including Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, and Braeburn. To encourage healthy apple trees, Ty Ty Nursery recommends installing several types of trees, which creates the cross-pollination necessary to produce mature apples. To this end, Ty Ty Nursery offers two types of crabapple tree for cross-pollination purposes. Crabapple trees require an extended period of time to shed their pollen, ensuring a more stable pollination process that produces larger and healthier apples.

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